Lenovo Y560 – Heat problems (solved)

I bought my lenovo y560 (gaming edition) last year and it worked pretty well.

Here’s a picture of it:

Look’s nice, doesn’t it? But the best thing is the high performance low priced, which was one of my reasons for buying this.

However, after some time, it started to crash while gaming, not only in high-end games, but also in games like Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, etc…
After touching the bottom of my laptop I noticed a very high temperature, and several analytic tools confirmed it: CPU and GPU +100°C !

After searching the internet with Google, I found two approaches to fix this problem:

#1 BIOS 71
Some users reported heat problems after upgrading to the new BIOS version 71, since it seems that the fan speed is bugged in this version and downgrading to an older version should help.
I also upgraded to this new version some time ago, so I tried flashing to all old BIOS versions again, without any success…
It might have worked for others, but my heat problems persisted.

#2 Get a cooling pad
This would probably work, and I also wanted to buy one myself. However this costs money, and I also didn’t want to have a work around for my problem, but also a real solution for this. Something must have changed since the first months everything worked as expected.

You’ll probably ask yourself now, what was the problem exactly? How can it be fixed?

The most simple idea is probably dust in the fan.
So I opened the backside of my laptop…

Release the screws located in the red circles

…and saw the tiny fan, but there was no dust in it (or at least not visible).

So I also removed the fan cover…

Remove screws from cover

… and finally we reached the source of our problem!
The fin of our cooler was just blocked by all the dust.
So clean this area:

Clean this area

and restore everything.
After rebooting and playing some games, my laptop has 70°C – 85°C which is okay. Success!

My last ideas about this, is adding a new bigger fan for a better cooling performance but also for noise reduction. But I’d need to build my own cover for it or at least some attachment for the new fan, since the stock fan is built in the cover… If I ever start working on it, I’ll post an article about that aswell.


If you can confirm this solution for the heat problem or have any question, feel free to leave a comment.

  1. i found a Better solution for that, just cut the blue cable of the fan

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